Austin's a fit city. There's no doubt about it. Journey along with Pamela LeBlanc as she explores all that's out there for the fitness-minded.

Day 1 of BP MS 150 cancelled

1:06 pm Apr. 17, 2015

Organizers have cancelled the first day of the BP MS 150 bike ride.

They blamed the cancellation on conditions at the overnight site in La Grange and expected severe weather in the area.

“Excessive rainfall and

Check the fine print when you sign up for your next race

4:43 am Apr. 3, 2015

A word of warning, weekend warriors: Read the fine print when you’re signing up for next race.

Three Austin men say they unknowingly enrolled in an upgraded membership to a company that handles race registrations for fitness events across the country.

Brit Ballard he says unwittingly purchased a $65 per year membership in the Active Advantage program at when he registered up for a bike ride in North Texas last summer.