Austin's a fit city. There's no doubt about it. Journey along with Pamela LeBlanc as she explores all that's out there for the fitness-minded.

Warrior Dash returns March 5

10:05 am Feb. 25, 2016

If scuttling under barbed wire, leaping over licking flames, slogging through mud or dangling from a rope net sounds like fun, plan on a trip to Cedar Creek March 5 for the Warrior Dash.

The testosterone-infused

Stressed out? Take time for play at Acro Festival

10:07 am Feb. 24, 2016

If you’re like most folks I know, you’re caught on a hamster wheel with little relief from work demands, dinner needs, carpool duties, errand running, house cleaning and social obligations.

We’re overbooked, overstressed and overwhelmed. That’s