Austin's a fit city. There's no doubt about it. Journey along with Pamela LeBlanc as she explores all that's out there for the fitness-minded.

RAGBRAI Day 7: That’s a wrap

6:17 pm Jul. 30, 2016

It’s time to pack up my lycra cycling kit and get used to wearing shoes without cleats again.

I ticked off the final 50 miles of RAGBRAI this morning and dipped the tires of my bicycle

RAGBRAI Day 2: Johnny Carson’s house, more hills, more pie

8:02 pm Jul. 25, 2016

Don’t believe anyone who tells you Iowa has no hills.

“Gargantuan, rolling hills!” someone screamed as we started slogging up another one, on Day 2 of RAGBRAI, a seven-day, 440-mile bike ride across Iowa.

About 10,000 people

Day 1 of RAGBRAI, in the books

8:06 pm Jul. 24, 2016

Chalk off the first 50 miles of RAGBRAi, a 440-mile bicycle ride across Iowa.

I’m here with eight folks from Austin, on a trip organized by Velo View Bike Tours. We drove 12-and-a-half hours in a

Hottest Day of the Year ride set for Aug. 13

2:16 pm Jul. 21, 2016

Biking around Austin in August can feel like rolling across a giant iron skillet with a blowtorch aimed at your face.

It’s hot, people. But rather than whine, the Austin bicycling community suggests you embrace it.


Ride a bike; see the world (or at least the city)

11:20 am Jul. 20, 2016

Today, you get a list. Specifically, a list of noteworthy things that I’ve seen or experienced lately on my bike commute.

Depending on the day, I pedal between 7 and 20 miles around Austin, getting to