Like your rock climbing with a splash? Try deep water soloing at Lake Travis

Adam Mitchell, right, jumps off a cliff into Lake Travis on Thursday, July 6, 2017. Photo by Pam LeBlanc/American-Statesman

Scaling rocks like Spiderman kind of freaks me out.

Adam Mitchell climbs a limestone outcropping on Lake Travis on Thursday, July 6. Photo by Pam LeBlanc/American Statesman

Fall, for one, and you might break yourself. Harnesses help, of course, but you can still bash yourself on the side of the rock – repeatedly. Plus, I’m scared of heights.

Adam Mitchell of Rock About climbs a cliff at Pace Bend Park on Lake Travis while Nick Wagner looks on. Photo by Pam LeBlanc/American-Statesman

So, no. You normally won’t find me scampering up a cliff face at Reimers Ranch or Enchanted Rock, channeling my inner gecko on a slab of hot limestone or granite.

But throw a little water in the mix and I’m in.

Adam Mitchell, left, and Nick Wagner, right, head toward another climbing site on Lake Travis. Photo by Pam LeBlanc/American-Statesman

This morning, I joined Adam Mitchell of Rock About Austin, a rock climbing guiding service, for a trip out to Lake Travis to try deep water soloing. In layman’s terms, that means climbing over water.

That made all the difference for me. We climbed in three separate areas, all gorgeous and fern covered, and managed to squeeze in some down time for jumping off cliffs.

Stay tuned – I’m writing about the experience for my Fit City column later this month. And for more information about Rock About, go here.

Author: Pam LeBlanc

Pam LeBlanc writes about fitness and travel for the Austin American-Statesman. She has worked for the Statesman since 1998 and written her weekly fitness column, Fit City, since 2004.

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